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Best Waffle Maker of 2021

Presto FlipSide Waffle Maker
The Presto FlipSide is the best waffle maker of 2021

My adult breakfasts usually consist of a lukewarm cup of coffee and half of a banana.  Yet every once in a while, on a lazy Saturday morning, nothing beats a fluffy, warm waffle to bring you back to those carefree childhood days.  I’m really looking forward to making them for my daughter when she gets older, so I pulled the trigger and bought a Presto FlipSide because it is the best overall waffle maker of 2021.

  • Performance – I’ve owned two other traditional waffle makers in the past. One was a very high-end unit from a very fancy retailer.  The key to a great waffle for a novice chef is all about the flip.  Being able to rotate the unit creates an evenly heated waffle way more consistantly than a traditional unit. No more having one side burned and the other still soggy.

  • Easy to clean – Every once in a while, I get a little careless and pour too much batter into the mold.  The Presto’s non-stick surface makes it really easy to clean up.

  • Price – Like most kitchen appliance you can spend a small fortune and get every bell and whistle, or you can pay for just what you need. At less than $50, you won’t break the bank with this model. Also, unless you’re a waffle connoisseur, this product won’t be a daily use appliance, and I’d rather put my money into other items.

  • Storage – Because of the unique flip function, this waffle maker can actually be adjusted to stand up vertically.  This saves valuable space in my already cramped kitchen cabinets.


For more information, check out Presto’s website here, or if you’re ready to buy, head over to Amazon and get one quick.

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