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Best Preschool Backpack of 2021

Nothing can be more adorable and heartbreaking than to see your little one put on their first backpack and head off to big kid school. Luckily, with the 12" tall Wildkin backpack for preschoolers (ages 3-6), you're ensuring your kiddo has the best gear to tackle this new adventure.

  • Storage: My favorite feature of the Wildkin is the built-in, insulated outer pocket. This compartment is perfect for lunch and snacks, meaning you don't have to burden your little one with an additional lunch box. The interior compartment is just the right size for all the arts & craft supplies they might need, without being too big. You don't want a backpack that's bigger than they are. Also, the whole interior is lined with moisture resistant fabric to make cleaning the inevitable sticky spills a breeze.

  • Quality: The build quality of the 12" Wildkin is top notch. The shell is made a thick, 600 denier polyester that will resist tears and is easy to clean. We've also never had an issue with the stitching coming loose, and the zippers are sturdy and glide easily, with large pull tabs for smaller hands. The straps and back are lined with BPA free foam to make carrying even easier.

  • Accessories: If needed, the Wildkin also has separate available lunch packs and bags in the same fabric patterns if you want to coordinate all your little one's luggage.

Overall, the 12" Wildkin is a fantastic choice to equip your preschooler. They come in a wide variety of patterns to accent your child's personality. Price is in the neighborhood of $25, so it is easy on mom and dads wallet as well.

Pro Tip: I would choose a gender neutral design like the Surf Shack model shown. That way, you have flexibility if you think another bundle of joy may be in your future. Backpacks don't tend to change styles too often, and with a little cleaning and care, the Wildkin would be a hand-me-down that looks brand new.


To learn more, check out Wildkin's website, or head over to Amazon to get one fast.

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