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Best Live TV Streaming Service of 2021

Cutting the cord on cable is here to stay, and thank goodness. We will not miss the $150 monthly TV bill. To show how dedicated I am, we actually removed the mess of old coax wiring from our house. We're wifi only from now on!

The field is getting more crowded every year making it tough to find a suitable alternative to cable. While there are plenty of options to binge shows and movies, if you're like me, you need some live action in your life ... news, talk shows, and sports. We've burned the bridges with cable tv, so what choices do we cord-cutters have in 2021? Hulu, Youtube and AT&T have their versions of live, on-demand viewing, but if you want the best value, look no further than Sling TV. We have switched from one service to another after each hiked rates. So I can happily say Sling TV is the best streaming service for watching live TV in 2021.

  • Packages: In 2021, Sling TV has two basic packages, Blue and Orange. The Blue Package has 44 channels and has a few more entertainment stations like FX and USA. The Orange Package has 33 channels and is best for sports because several of the ESPN stations are included. We opted to go with the Blue Package. It allows viewing on up to 3 devices while the Orange only allows one. Plus we have a shameful addiction to the Bravo Channel which is included with Blue. A full list of supported channels can be found on Sling's website. We have been very pleased with the variety of channels available for us and the kids.

  • Price: Sling TV is a flat $35 per month for either the Blue or Orange packages. This is about HALF the cost of the competition. That's right, half! At the end of the day, saving money is really the whole point of cord cutting. Our issue with streaming services is that before you know it, those little subscriptions add up and you're back to the same monthly cable tv costs. So every little bit helps.

  • Profiles: All other streaming services seem to allow you to make profiles and tailor watching experiences to the user. This is especially handy for a large household with a many different entertainment interests. My gripe with Sling TV is that you only get one main account. However, since we really only use Sling for live TV, this is less of a concern for us. The profiles are more important for watching on-demand movies and series on services like Prime Video & Netflix.

  • Local Networks: One other draw-back is the local channels. We aren't able to get ABC or NBC on Sling TV. This may be a deal breaker for some, but we just couldn't justify the extra $30+ dollars a month for the competition just for these basic networks. So instead, we opted for the old fashioned antenna. I'll do a review of our favorite antenna, but with a minimal investment, we can get the locals now too.

Still on the fence about switching? No worries. Sling TV and most of the streaming services offer a trial period allowed with only an email address sign-up. Even when you do decide to make the switch, there's no contract, so you can simply turn the service on and off as you please. You could even keep cable for a few weeks while you use the free trial period to compare and decide.


To learn more, check-out Sling's website, or download the app using a Roku, Fire Stick, or other smart device player found on Amazon.

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