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Best Beginners Golf Driver of 2021

Looking to start up your golf game? Well your going to need some tools, and if you already have a driver is a necessity. After a good bit of research we can say the Cobra F-Max is the best driver for beginner golfers in 2021. All around, you will look good and feel good with this driver.

  • Price - If your just starting your education in golf, you'll soon find out that it is not cheap. Clubs, green fees and hundreds and hundreds of disappearing balls will add up as you work to improve your game. At $329, the F-Max defiantly isn't inexpensive, but compared to the competition, the Cobra is the all around best value. Price is a large factor of why this driver is considered a great option for beginners. Save some money and invest in more golf balls.

  • Performance - The Cobra F-Max is at the top of most lists when it comes to performance. Most amateur golfers, myself included, start off with a slow drive and a wicked slice. This club is aimed to defeat those issues as you work to perfect your swing. It doesn't hurt that it has all the right looks of the ultra-professional models and not a cheap toy. Plus, big names like Ricky Fowler continue to put their name behind the brand.

  • Weight - With a 50 gram granite shaft (compared to most around 80 grams), this club is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which should help speed up your swing and drive ball distance. While the shaft is light, most of the weight sits at the base of the head, providing for a great ball strike and enough mass to resist the club from rotating, thus reducing your slice.

Pro Tip: When you go to purchase a driver there are a few other user preferences to consider:

  1. Straight Neck vs. Offset - If you slice the ball and/or have a slower swing speed like most beginner golfers, the offset shaft will come in handy to help overcome this. Otherwise, the straight shaft is the normal configuration that can be used after you improve your game.

  2. Loft - This is what helps you maintain distance during the swing. The general belief is the slower your driving speed, the higher the loft you should choose. For most beginners, the 10.5 degree option should be fine. This will give you average range throughout the use of your driver.

  3. Shaft Flex -


Looking for more info or ready to buy? Check out Cobra Golf's website here. Or, head over to Amazon and get it quick.

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