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Best Bath Towels of 2021

A good set of bath towels is a must in our house. We use them everyday. You can either buy inexpensive and end up with frayed edges and a rough sandpaper texture in a matter of a few weeks, or upgrade to a set with a bit more quality. That's the route I decided to go. We started with the sets from the big box stores, then upgraded to the luxury sets.

  • Soft & Fluffy -You should want a towel to feel like a cloud each and every time you use them. These towels don't disappoint. With regular care they will last and keep their fluff for several years.

  • Turkish Cotton - The extra long strands of cotton means these towels are extra absorbent. They may take a bit longer to dry, but I found they are always dry for the next day.

My only word of caution is to choose your colors wisely. While a crisp set of bright white towels seems like the beginnings of the perfect Instagram post, it's a bit difficult to keep them looking brand new without a hefty bit a laundering. We keep the white towels in the guest room and changed to a dark grey set for our bathroom to hide the nightly makeup routine.

A bonus tip is to add a cup of vinegar to the wash with towels. It will help remove soap and oil build up.


For more information and to buy a set, check out Brooklinen's website.

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