Best Travel Dog Bowl of 2021

Our dogs are our family, and we take them with us as much as we can. That's why we've been on the hunt for the perfect set of travel dog bowls to keep the canines well fed and hydrated on the go. After trying about a dozen different types, we settled on the Ruff Barkbowl.

  • Size: The BarkBowl measures in with interior dimensions of 5.5 inches diameter by 2.5 inches deep when fully expanded. This is a capacity of 27 ounces (800 ml), which is plenty for even our 105 lbs Labrador. If you have a medium or small dog, the bowl can collapse to the perfect size for them too at 17 ounces or down to 13.5 ounces. When fully collapsed, the bowl is right at half an inch thick. So for our two dogs, that 2 inches thick for all 4 bowls, which makes it simple to include in just about any pack.

  • Material: The Ruff BarkBowl is made of food grade, BPA free silicone. The dye will not bleed and the bowl is tear resistant, enduring a good amount of bites from even the most over zealous eater. It's safe for a freezer down to -80 F degrees and microwaves up to 450 F degrees. Finally, an absolute requirement by our standards, it's dishwasher safe too. No unnecessary hand washing needed.

Overall, you will be happy with the BarkBowls from Ruff Products. They are a durable, one-size-fits-all product in a good selection of colors that's sure to appease your four legged friends.

Pro Tip: Go for two different colors of bowls to avoid cross-contaminating the contents. We opted for the teal model (shown above) for water bowls and orange for the food.


To learn more, check out Ruff's website, or head over to Amazon and get them fast.